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El Cajon Police Department Releases Video of Police Shooting

Alfred Olango, 38, was shot and killed by officers with the El Cajon Police Department on Sept. 27 in the parking lot of a shopping center on Broadway



    ECPD Chief Gives Timeline of Events After Police Shooting

    El Cajon Police released the video of the officer-involved shooting on Friday during a press conference. ECPD Chief Jeff Davis listed off the timeline of events that took place following the deadly shooting. (Published Friday, Sept. 30, 2016)

    The El Cajon Police Department (ECPD) released two video clips Friday showing the controversial deadly police shooting of an unarmed black man that has fueled days of protests in the community in San Diego's East County.

    ECPD Chief Jeff Davis said the decision to release the video of the Tuesday shooting of Alfred Olango, 38, was due in part to a concern for public safety.

    One video was captured by a witness's cellphone as she worked her shift at a nearby taco shop, while the other comes from one of the shop's surveillance cameras. They show two ECPD officers, Richard Gonsalves and Josh McDaniel, approaching Olango. Olango's sister, wearing nurse's scrubs, can also be seen near the officers in one of the clips.

    Olango appears to move in the moment before the shooting takes place. Gunshots are audible in the cellphone video, followed by a woman's piercing scream.

    WARNING: ECPD Release Video of Alfred Olango Shooting

    [DGO] WARNING: El Cajon Police Release Video of Alfred Olango Shooting
    El Cajon police on Friday released surveillance and cellphone video of the officer-involved shooting of Alfred Olango. (WARNING: The video is graphic and may be disturbing.)
    (Published Friday, Sept. 30, 2016)

    Police have said Olango pulled a 4-inch-long vaping device out of his pocket and held it in a "shooting stance." McDaniel deployed a Taser while Gonsalves fired multiple rounds from his gun at the man, critically striking him.

    "For the sake of the wellbeing of the community, the decision was made to show you this video," Davis said, calling the event tragic. "It is that vital, we felt, to present it today to show what we have at this point."

    Olango was shot and killed by the officers on Tuesday in the parking lot of a shopping center in the 800 block of Broadway in El Cajon.

    According to the ECPD, Olango was reported to be “acting erratically,” walking in and out of traffic, and did not follow orders to remove his hands from the pockets of his pants when approached by two officers.

    Earlier this week, Chief Davis promised a complete and transparent investigation into Olango's shooting. He was joined Mayor Bill Wells and San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis as they released the footage for the first time at an afternoon news conference.

    The high-profile case has prompted uproar in the community and several days of protests, some of them peaceful, some violent.

    Video is 'One Piece of Evidence': DA Bonnie Dumanis

    [DGO] Video is 'One Piece of Evidence': DA Bonnie Dumanis
    El Cajon Police held a press conference on Friday to release the video of the officer-involved shooting. El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis was also joined by San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and local leaders.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 30, 2016)

    Davis discussed the timeline of those protests and their impact on those who live and work in El Cajon.

    He said the protests began peacefully Tuesday hours after the shooting and continued Wednesday morning. That day, the crowd grew to about 400 demonstrators who later blocked intersections and shut down traffic on Broadway.

    Davis said some protesters threw bottles at officers and deputies. At one point, a civilian was assaulted in the crowd, and a freelance news photographer had his camera stolen amid the protest.

    "These events marked a change in the protesters from peaceful to more aggressive behavior," Davis said.

    He said a demonstration Thursday evening grew even more heated, with protesters blocking traffic again. This time, some protesters stopped cars and broke windows. Davis said his department was flooded with 911 calls reporting the disturbances stemming from those Thursday night protests.

    Since the shooting of Olango, civil rights leaders, including Rev. Shane Harris of the San Diego chapter of the National Action Network, have pushed for police and the District Attorney's office to release the full video of the incident, saying the single still image of Olango initially released by the ECPD does not tell the full story and, in Harris' words, serves to "shape the narrative" of the police department.

    El Cajon Mayor Promises Thorough, Transparent Investigation

    [DGO] El Cajon Mayor Promises Thorough, Transparent Investigation
    El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells promised a thorough, transparent investigation into the police shooting of Alfred Olango. He said the case is being investigated by the El Cajon Police Department, the San Diego County District Attorney's Office and the FBI.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016)

    Recently, Dumanis issued new protocols for the disclosure of officer-involved shooting video evidence in San Diego. The new practice states agencies will release video "as soon as it’s appropriate to do so."