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Dog Rescued from Hoarder Goes Missing



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    A North Park woman is asking the public for help to locate her missing dog who was rescued a year ago from a hoarder.

    Last year, “Millie”, a black female mixed breed Labrador Retriever/Greyhound, was living with hundreds of other dogs at the property of a hoarder in Palmdale, CA, before being rescued and coming to live with a new owner, Jen Clark, 40, of Morely Field.

    Conditions on the property were described as horrific as dogs were found suffering from lack of veterinary care, according to Clark. 

    The experience left the dog anxious around humans said Clark, “The dogs aren’t socialized in those conditions, that can make them really aggressive or's either fight or flight and Millie just has flight."

    After having her dog of 14 years pass away last December, Clark was looking to find a new pet. She welcomed Millie home from the shelter, giving the dog love and attention to help socialize her into a sweet and loving puppy who finally felt safe, said Clark.

    Millie was last seen on May 3, when she ran out of Clark’s front door when the dog suddenly became fearful of one of Clark’s house guests, “I’ve had many visitors to my home and she usually stays in her corner…a relative who was an animal lover said hello to her and she just bolted through the front door and kept going.”

    “A shy dog can feel threatened when they’re paid attention to” said Clark, who has taken to Facebook to find help Millie. She has received tips of sightings around Morley Field and Pershing and 30th Street.

    Clark enlisted the help of professional pet search and rescue teams who have tried to locate Millie to no avail.

    If someone sees Millie it’s best to call it in rather than trying to approach her, said Clark. Clark was told because of Millie’s history the only resort she has is to trap the dog, but she’s still hopefully that Millie will be found.

    “She’s a good dog,” said Clark, “The worst she could do is trip you.”

    Any person who might have seen Millie, or has any information can leave a message on Clark's Facebook page or call her at 858.212.2808.