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Carmel Valley School Sets World Record for Biggest Group Hug



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    What better way to unify a school than beat a world record?

    Students and teachers at Canyon Crest Academy in Carmel Valley did just that on Wednesday, surpassing the world record for a group hug in a school library. The record previously was 74.

    Canyon Crest crushed that record, drawing 191 people for their massive display of affection.

    Even the mascot joined the throng. Someone shouted “Hold it! Hold it!” as the group crushed together in the school library.

    A group hug is a perfect display of what the school – which is part of a program called Purposeful Action Leaders on Campus (PALS) – stands for, said Spanish teacher Laura Krough.

    “We obviously got more students than we expected,” Krough said. “It’s amazing. Just goes to show this place is what they say it is.”

    The school decided to attempt the world record as a way to further unify the school and rally behind a cause.

    The school researched records it could plausibly beat and found the record for largest group hug.

    What will be the school’s next world record?

    “I guess we’ll have to start our next research project,” Krough said.