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Brothers Convicted of Murdering Mother of 6



    Brothers Convicted of Murdering Mother of 6

    Jennifer Lopez was only 6 years old when her mother, Delores "Dodie" Attig, was murdered.

    "I remember the day they saw it on the news, but I don't remember because you're so little, I just remember my family was crying a lot,"said Lopez.

    Lopez does remember her mother though who had six children.  "She was really a sweet person, she wasn't around a lot but the time she was there, she was a good mom,"Lopez said with tears in her eyes.

    Dodie Attig was murdered on June 19, 1986 in a secluded area of Balboa Park.  She was with two friends smoking and talking when they were attacked by four people, including two teenage boys.

    The group of attackers tied up Dodie's two friends and robbed them.  The attackers then raped Dodie and shot her once in the head.

    For more than two decades the case remained unsolved until 2007 when DNA evidence led to one of the teenage boys, Richard Archuletta.  Riverside County brothers Steve and Eddie Montanez were also connected to the crime along with the other teenager Eddie Cabanyog.

    On Friday, two separate juries convicted the Montanez brothers for raping, robbing and murdering Attig.

    "Justice has been had for Dodie Attig and her family,"said deputy district attorney Jill Schall.

    "Do I get pleasure they'll never be free? Yes,"said the victim's oldest daughter Jaimie Lynn.  When asked what she would say to the brothers Lynn said,"I would want to know what really happened, there are still holes in the story."

    Lynn also said she feels sympathy for the families of Steve and Eddie Montanez.  "I don't want for them to suffer,"she told NBCSanDiego.

    Lopez said the guilty verdicts may bring her family some closure but it won't bring back their mother.  "It's been hard because I have kids and there's a lot of things she's missing out on."

    The Montanez brothers will be sentenced in September.  Steve faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.  Eddie faces 25 years to life.

    The two others involved in the murder including Archuletta are currently in prison.

    Eddie Montanez's attorney declined comment  but said he would file an appeal.