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Bike Sharing Program Gets Rolling in San Diego



    San Diego's Bike Sharing Gets Rolling

    The first of what will be 180 bike-sharing stations was installed downtown on Nov. 3, 2014. NBC 7's Artie Ojeda has more on the city's next option in public transportation. (Published Monday, Nov. 3, 2014)

    There will soon be another option for public transportation in some parts of San Diego. That is, if you're willing to climb on board a rented bicycle.

    On Monday, the first of what will eventually be 180 bike-sharing stations went up on the corner of Sixth and E Streets downtown.

    If all goes according to plan, enough stations will be set up by the end of the month for the city of San Diego's bike-sharing program to get rolling.

    "People are crying out for alternate modes of transportation. People do want to ride their bikes," said Linda Marabian with the city transportation department.

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    The bike sharing program will be operated by the privately owned DecoBike. The company has a 10 year agreement with the city, which will receive approximately $2.6 million on revenue generated from the program.

    It's designed for short commutes in specific areas. Stations will eventually be set up from San Ysidro to Downtown to the beach communities.

    "It gets people out of their cars. It's an extremely healthy, alternative mode of transportation to get from point to point," said David Silverman of DecoBike.

    Coat of renting a bike starts at $5 a half hour, to $7 for a full hour. Yearly memberships are also available for $125, and monthly passes run $20.

    Renters will pick up a bike from one station and are free to drop off the bicycle at any other station.

    Silverman says the bike sharing targets local residents living in urban areas and tourists who want to explore the city without having to rent a car.