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Bigger Board = Better Board?

An idea to expand the school board is being scoffed at by the teacher's union



    Bigger Board = Better Board?
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    Is bigger better when it comes to making educational policy?

    A group of educational and business leaders may be exploring the idea of adding more school board members to the San Diego Unified School District. It's being called an idea at this point. 

    Scott Himelstein, the group's organizer, says there is no "definitive proposal," but certainly some ideas are being considered.

    The budding plan would add four new appointed members to the board's already existing five elected board members, according to

    Plan Afoot to Expand School Board

    [DGO] Plan Afoot to Expand School Board
    An idea being explored by a group of educational and business leaders is not without critics
    (Published Thursday, July 15, 2010)

    “They would be chosen by an outside group that could include the leaders of local universities, parent groups labor unions and business chiefs among others,” the website reported.

    The head of the teachers union said no one there wants a seat at what she calls this undemocratic table.

    "This is a very secretive group of elitists who are self appointed", said Camille Zombro with the San Diego Education Association… No one is really sure what they're doing but it's clear they have an agenda that's taking democracy out of our schools. "

    According to the, the group has called parents and conducted polls about who they would want in the group that would appoint the board members.

    Scott Himelstein says there will be a news conference next week to release an updated study on how the San Diego Unified School District is doing. That report could be a jumping off point for discussion on what the district needs to do to bring about change.