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Beaches Vacant on Gloomy Labor Day

Summer concluded with drizzle and rain on Labor Day



    Beaches Vacant on Gloomy Labor Day
    San Diego's drizzly last day of summer grounded tourists on Labor Day.

    The final weekend of summer had typically sunny San Diego weather – until Labor Day. There was rain from downtown, to El Cajon and lighting in Rancho Bernardo. The coastline experienced weird weather as well, with wind and rain showers.

    Beaches that are usually packed with swimmers and sun-bathers on Labor Day Monday were deserted as families packed up their blankets and boogie boards to head for shelter.

    The rain and cool temperatures were a disappointment for visitors and locals, who expected a warm and relaxing day at the beach.

    "It's a pain, though, for everyone for a holiday,” said visitor Gary Lochowitz. “It'd be much better for everyone if it was nice out."

    A visitor at Mission Beach Rebecca Dornaden said she was disappointed the weather wasn’t nicer.

    "This is our first vacation in ten years ... but we'll survive,” she said.

    Locals said it looked like a day after a holiday weekend, when beaches are emptied of the usual tourists.