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A Sweet Thank You



    A Sweet Thank You
    Drived died in Cabrillo Point wreck

    A heartwarming reunion -- and sweet,  in more ways than one.

    A man who survived a crash five hundred feet down a cliff near the Cabrillo National Monument met Thursday with federal and  San Diego city fire rescue crews.

    "What you guys did, there's not enough words for it, " said 77-year old John Little , a passenger in the truck that went down the cliff on October 13. The driver, a long time friend, 91-year old Harold Reed accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake.

    "When we started down, I said, 'Stop it, Harold, stop the thing. He said, I'm trying to.' That's the last words we spoke to each other."

    Elderly Crash Victim Thanks Rescuers

    [DGO] Elderly Crash Victim Thanks Rescuers
    Rescuers and a man who said they helped him "cheat Satan" reunited.
    (Published Friday, Nov. 6, 2009)

    Harold was airlifted out, but died eleven days later at the hospital. Little was carried up the steep hill in a litter by firefighters, who Little said kept slipping and sliding.

    "I thought , if they fall, how far do I go in this sled? Then one of the guys said 'You're hooked to a wrench, if we fall you'd stay right where you are.'  I took that ride once, I don't want to take it again," Little said Thursday.

    Little and Reed's widow met with those who rescued them and served ice cream and apple pie. A sweet reunion.

    As Little put it, "There's just not enough thanks."