$5K Donated to Help Single Mom, 3 Girls After El Cajon Fire

The San Diego community is rallying around a single mother and her three daughters who lost everything in a recent fire.

One person, who wanted to remain anonymous, donated $5,000 to help the family get back on their feet.

"This single mom and her three daughters don't have a big family support system, but what they do have is a heart breaking story that seems to be resonating with strangers," said Bobbielee Eisenbarth.

Eisenbarth launched an online fundraising page for the family who escaped a fire Saturday in their second-story unit at Mollison Terrace in El Cajon.

When she met the victims - Andrea Lopez and her three daughters – Eisenbarth decided she would try to help them by collecting donations.

The money, including $5,000 dollars from one man, means the family now has enough to put down a deposit down for an apartment.

“He said he’s been through some rough stuff in life but all he wanted to do was pay it forward and now he's in a position to do so," Eisenbarth said.

She added some businesses were offering donations.

“Fantastic Sam’s in El Cajon wants to do hair and styling for the girls and the mom,” she said. “Just overall a lot of community support. It's really awesome"

Schools have contacted Eisenbarth offering to make cards for the girls to support them during this hard time.

Lopez works full time, but her tight budget didn't have room for starting over.

Fire investigators said the cause is undetermined. The family has said they believe a faulty electrical system could be to blame.

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