5 Endangered Parrots Shot in Point Loma, Ocean Beach

Five endangered parrots have been shot and killed in Point Loma and Ocean Beach over an eight-day period.

Residents and animal activists are searching for the person or people who have been shooting the birds with a BB gun.

Three of the five parrots were shot in a neighborhood near Gage and Talbot streets.

Jamul-based SoCal Parrot reports that the birds being killed are endangered Lilac Crowned Amazons and Red Masked Conures.

The organization has started a reward fund, which is up to $1,500 so far.

Residents, like Kathie Landis, have put up signs in their neighborhood that read: “Stop Shooting the Parrots.”

“It’s completely disconcerting to imagine one of my neighbors could possibly be responsible for this,” Landis said.

San Diego police are investigating the string of parrot shootings as an animal cruelty case and anyone with information should contact them.

Killing an endangered bird is a federal crime and could be punishable with jail time and $20,000 fine.

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