49th Annual San Diego BayFair Underway

The boat and hydroplane racing spectacular lasts through Sunday

NBC 7 San Diego

Tens of thousands of people lined Mission Bay to watch the San Diego Bayfair over the weekend.

More than 100,000 people were expected to attend this year’s three-day outdoor event, which featured exciting water races between speedy motorboats and hydroplanes along a 2.5-mile racecourse that spans from East Vacation Island to Fiesta Island.

The event lasts through Sunday, but by early Friday morning, several hundred motorhomes had already packed Mission Bay with eager fans ready to get in on the action.

BayFair racers say speeds on their vessels can reach upwards of 160 mph, leaving very little room for human error.

“If you’re a Chargers [football] fan, it’s the equivalent of running the field in one second. That’s what we cover, is a football field in one second,” explained Steve David, a driver for Unlimited Hydroplanes. “So, your concentration is 300 yards ahead of you because you are going to be there in one second so it’s very intense and focused.”

Sunday's race included a duel between Jimmy Shane and Steve David for the National Points Championship.

For more on the event, visit this website.

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