San Diego Community College District Welcomes 44 New Faculty

After a five-year hiring freeze, new faculty will join City, Mesa and Miramar colleges and San Diego Continuing Education

When the spring semester begins Monday, San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) students will see many new faces among faculty as 44 new hires join the staff at City, Mesa and Miramar colleges and San Diego Continuing Education.

The SDCCD said the new faculty additions come after a five-year hiring freeze. By August, the district plans to hire 43 more full-time faculty, the most staff hiring since 2006.

As the spring semester commences for some 72,000 local students, SDCCD Chancellor Constance M. Carroll said the future looks bright for the community college district and for California’s reinvestment in higher education.

“The addition of 44 new faculty members is good news for students,” said Carroll.

New hires include Mesa College alumna Anna M. Rogers, who’s joining City College as an assistant professor of English. She’s among nine new faculty at City College this semester.

At Mesa College, Dr. N. Scott Robinson is one of 13 new hires this spring. He’s a performer and expert in world music and ethnomusicology. Pablo Martin, an assistant professor of Communication Studies/Speech at Miramar College, is one of 11 new hires at that college.

Sam Phu, new assistant professor of Automotive Technology for San Diego Continuing Education, is one of 11 new hires there. Phu – an alumnus of Miramar College – also worked at Miramar College in the past as an adjunct instructor.

Besides new staffers, the SDCCD is also adding 1,000 more class selections and opening several major building across its campuses.

The SDCCD is the second largest of California’s 72 community college districts and serves approximately 130,000 annually.

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