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NBC 7, Telemundo 20 and Feeding San Diego Team Up for Help for the Hungry Drive

Feeding San Diego says just $42 can provide a family of four with nutritious meals for an entire week

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We know this time of year can be hard for so many in our community, and the pandemic has only added to those challenges.

That’s why NBC 7 and Telemundo 20 are partnering with Feeding San Diego to help families put food on the table.

One of Feeding San Diego's main goals is to rescue uneaten food from restaurants and grocery stores that would otherwise go to waste and put it on the dinner table of someone who needs it.

Dana Williams with Feeding San Diego says they have seen a 20% increase in need across their hundreds of food distribution partners.

“The pandemic benefits have rolled back, and as food prices and gas prices continue to rise we sadly are seeing an increased need across the community for food assistance,” Williams said.

NBC 7, Telemundo 20 and Feeding San Diego are working together on the Help for the Hungry drive through Dec. 24.

“Sadly these are people that are working multiple jobs or might’ve just been living paycheck to paycheck and it was just one little thing, whether it’s a medical bill or they lost their job because of the pandemic,” Williams said.

Feeding San Diego is unique because it also collects uneaten food from places like Starbucks, grocery stores and even farms. Volunteers help sort it and then it is distributed to their local partners that directly feed the community. For example, $42 can provide seven days of nutritious meals for a family of four.

“We really are able to drive down the cost of food that we then are able to then stretch your dollar a lot more when you donate to Feeding San Diego, then if you were to go to the grocery store and purchase the same amount of food," Williams said.

If you want to help, when you shop at Ralphs or Food for Less throughout San Diego County, you can donate by purchasing a $5 or $10 box at checkout. That money goes to 300 of their partners, who then distribute it to families and seniors in the area.

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