Chunk of $400K in Unclaimed County Money Could Be Yours

More than $400,000 is sitting unclaimed at the San Diego County Treasurer’s Office.

County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister said Wednesday that his office is seeking taxpayers who have done business with the county sometime over the past four years – they may be owed a chunk of that $409,000.

McAllister said his office has 1,782 unclaimed accounts. Of that, $280,911 is unclaimed property tax refunds and another $128,000 is due to people who have done business with a number of county departments.

The lowest amount is $10.11 and the highest owed is $8,750 to a beneficiary of a woman named Elizabeth Beal.

Those who think they have unclaimed money should look at the county’s list here.

Any money still left unclaimed by Sept. 8 will be transferred to the county’s general fund. State law calls for property tax refunds that have been unclaimed for more than four years to be turned over to the county’s general fund (the timeline for other unclaimed county money is three years.)

To find out how to file a refund claim, call 877-829-4732 or visit this website.

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