31 Cats Rescued After They Were Abandoned at Escondido Condo

The majority of the cats suffered from medical conditions because they lived in unsanitary conditions and unfortunately, one cat needed to be euthanized

One of the 31 cats who were found abandoned receives care from the San Diego Humane Society staff.
San Diego Humane Society

Nearly three dozen cats were rescued by the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS) after they were found abandoned in a central Escondido condo, according to the animal welfare organization.

The 31 cats were found living in unsanitary conditions in the unit after SDHS officers received a call for help from the condo’s property manager. According to the manager, the tenants had been evicted and left their cats behind.

All of the cats received immediate medical attention at the scene before they were taken to SDHS locations in Escondido and Oceanside for more detailed care. Most of the cats suffered from several medical conditions like ear infections, diarrhea, respiratory infection and heart murmurs.

One cat’s medical issues were so extensive, it had to be “humanely euthanized due to his severe suffering,” according to the animal shelter.

The remainder of the cats have received medical care for about three weeks and are set to be transferred to the Love Your Feral Felines non-profit organization. It is unclear how soon, or how many of the cats, will be eligible for adoption.

Lynea Lattanzio is a self-identified “crazy cat lady.” She has turned her own home and 12 acres of property over to abandoned cats to keep them happy and healthy while she tries to find homes for those that are adoptable. Over the past 28 years, she has saved more than 38,000. Yusuf Omar of Hashtag Our Stories travels to Parlier, California to visit The Cat House on the Kings.

The San Diego Humane Society’s Humane Law Enforcement is actively investigating the animal abandonment with a prosecutor. Meanwhile, the department’s Chief of Humane Law Enforcement is reminding the public that help is always available.

“We want the community to know it never has to get to this point,” Bill Ganley of SDHS said. “If you are a pet owner and your situation gets out of control, reach out to us so we can be a part of the solution. We want to help you and your animals.”  

If you know of any animal emergencies, cruelty or neglect, contact the San Diego Humane Society at (619) 299-7012 and press 1.

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