2-Hour, 3 County Pursuit Ends in Chula Vista

Chase began in L.A.

Traffic on southbound Interstate 5 slowed to a crawl Saturday night when a police pursuit which started in Los Angeles made its way to Chula Vista, said officials with California Highway Patrol.

The suspect, police identified as Jose Alberto Meza, 22, led them on a two-and a-half-hour chase which started when LA Sheriff's deputies began pursuing him for reckless driving near Downey at the 710 freeway in Los Angeles.

The chase continued through Orange County where CHP joined.

Officers used a spike strip in Oceanside near Canon Rd. which left the Meza’s front tire flattened.

Meza continued driving southbound on the I-5 and was spiked again just before Balboa Ave. This time all four tires were flat, however Meza was able continue, officials reported.

As he made his way south down I-5 the Sheriff's Department helicopter Astrea put its spotlight on Meza's vehicle, officials said.

Traffic trailed behind the chase, leaving those just returning home to wait.  Police began blocking exits on the freeway and it was reported that some drivers tried to maneuver around official’s vehicles but were unable to do so.

Meza eventually drove up the E-street off ramp in Chula Vista where his car was seen being jack-knifed by officials.

CHP blocked access to the ramp and Meza was taken into custody at 8:34 p.m. and L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. requested custody of him, officials said.

The suspect's damaged vehicle was loaded onto a tow truck soon after, bringing an end to an ordeal that spread over three counties.

The reason as to why Meza led police on the chase was not immediately available.

The I-5 off-ramp to E St. was re-opened at 9:16 p.m.

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