15 Neglected Horses Seized From Ramona Property

Fifteen horses showing signs of emaciation and neglect were seized from a property in Ramona this week, officials said.

The seizure started with the rescue on Sunday of three horses that were between 150 and 300 pounds underweight. This came after San Diego County Department of Animal Services workers had tried to work with the owner to ensure the horses were getting more food and care, officials said.

Twelve more emaciated horses were seized on Thursday following an administrative hearing into the overall conditions at the Ramona property.

Animal services workers took all the horses to an animal care facility in Bonita, where they’re under veterinary care, officials said.

The owner has 14 days to reclaim the horses if she can show she’ll provide better medical care and more nourishment.

Animal control officers are continuing to investigate and decide whether to submit the case to the District Attorney’s Office for possible criminal charges.

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