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Men Attempt to Rob Pot Dispensary

Two suspects in Normal Heights escape, one remained stuck in door



    Men Attempt to Rob Pot Dispensary
    This man failed to escape an alleged robbery of a pot dispensary Wednesday night when his accomplices escaped through the door. Due to his size, he got stuck in the door and was later arrested.

    San Diego Police say three suspects tried to rob a medical marijuana dispensary in the 3200 block of Adams Avenue in Normal Heights Wednesday night.

    The three men entered the business called "The Dispensary" at about 9:15. The men came through the first security door and waited in the "man trap" where another security door had to be opened by a worker before anyone could get inside the business.

    However, the worker became suspicious and wouldn't let the men inside. One suspect then pulled out a can of pepper spray and tried to spray into the business.

    The worker called 911 and two of the suspects were able to slide through a small opening at the bottom of the outside security door to get away.

    The third suspect was too big to slide under and got stuck in the "man trap" until police and firefighters arrived.

    A Hazmat crew and paramedics were called in to treat the officers and firefighters who were exposed to the pepper spray. The third suspect was also treated but no one was seriously injured.

    Officers are still looking for the other two suspects. They aren't sure if the suspects are armed with a weapon because neither a gun nor a knife was displayed during the attempted robbery.