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Copper Thieves Raid Anchorman 2 Set



     Copper Thieves Raid Anchorman 2 Set

    Thieves have it out for San Diego’s favorite fictional newsman.

    Over the holidays, police said a group of copper thieves gutted a warehouse in Atlanta where the sequel to Anchorman was scheduled to begin, according to the NBC affiliate in Atlanta, 11 Alive.

    Police said the warehouse, which just finished housing production of the movie “Breacher,” was burglarized on Christmas Day and also on New Years Day.

    The thieves broke in through the back door and pulled valuable copper wiring from switch boxes and out of the ceiling and walls.

    During the second robbery, an alarm went off, alerting police to the break-in. When they arrived, the suspects fled on foot. They left behind their car, which had copper wiring and tools inside.

    Electricians fixed the wiring in time for production to go on as scheduled, and the movie is on track for its December 2013 release.

    For more, check out the story on 11 Alive’s website.