LISTEN: Idle Economy Leads To Protests Over Opening Faster In The Latest INSIGHT Podcast

In this week's episode of the INSIGHT podcast, a woman explains why she feels the coronavirus stay-at-home orders are "unconstitutional," and a local leader explains his plan for opening our economy faster.

You’ve seen and heard the protests in San Diego County, and across the country over lifting closure orders. Politics aside, everyone agrees that an idle economy is helping no one, but health experts warn opening up our local economy could have drastic, dire consequences.

In this week's episode of INSIGHT, Naomi Soria, the organizer of rallies to open up our economy, explains why she’s willing to risk jail time and criminal charges in order to get her message across. Meanwhile, local leaders including San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond are sharing what they think is the best solution in combatting high unemployment rates.

Listen to the latest episode below.

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