The Great Fake-its

Ever wonder what it would be like to have longer hair, smoother skin or even a few more curves?Celebrities have been faking it to change their looks from one red carpet to another and now it's never been easier for you to fake it as well.

Celebrity makeup artist and beauty consultant Mickey Williams shows us how easy it is to alter our appearance with a few tips that are tricks to the stars!

How do celebrities change their hairstyles so often?

Temporary hair extensions like HairDo by Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson, which retail for about $90. In the past we've had to stitch or even glue hair to our own to get new lengths and fullness, but now, extensions snap right into your hair and can do what no weave can -- they can make short hair longer and long hair shorter.

Getting that luminous glow

Celebrities have teams of estheticians and dermatologists working around the clock to get that radiant look, which doesn't come cheap. Lucky for us, you can get the same results from the drugstore. Products like Olay Professional have been proven to be just as effective and are available without a prescription.

Beautiful hair color without a trip to the salon

The cost of salon visits hasn't really budged in this economy, but our grays and roots seem to be growing faster than ever. No worries, because you can still get beautiful rich color from (you guessed it) the drugstore! Products like Clairol's Natural Instincts Base Color deposits evenly and easily for great coverage coverage.

Adding Some Curves

If you're looking to add a bit more up top, Miss Oops has a nice, non-surgical answer. Chicken Cutlets are 100% silicone inserts that slide right into your bra and can really perk up what Mother Nature gave you. They are washable, light-weight and can add up to a cup size.

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