Sex in Our City

Women rev up their love life

A local hospital is treating female sexual dysfunction with hormone therapy.

Julia, who is newly married, travels to San Diego for treatment from her home in Northern California  The results of a comprehensive evaluation confirmed that her hormones were low, and within a week of beginning hormone therapy at the Alvarado Hospital Sexual Medicine Program, she started noticing a difference.

At the age of 26, Julia was determined not to experience a loss in in sexual desire.

"A couple of previous relationships ended because of the sex," Julia said .

Julia said that she never enjoyed sex prior to her treatment. 

"Many women do not get aroused, cannot experience orgasm or suffer from sexual pain disorders," said Dr. Irwin Goldstein, the medical director of the program.

Amy, 44, of Del Mar said she experienced sexual dysfunction as a result of cancer treatment and surgery. Working with her oncologist,  Goldstein developed a treatment protocol that includes, in part, hormone therapy, as well as physical therapy, and sex therapy for her husband.

For more information about treatment visit the Alvarado Hospital Web site.

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