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How Mayor Sanders Lost 70 Pounds



    How Mayor Sanders Lost 70 Pounds
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    San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders in July 2009 (L) and in April 2011 (R).

    When San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders turned 60 last year, he decided it was time to tackle his expanding waistline.

    While reality shows send contestants into the gym or the boxing ring, the mayor lost about 70 pounds by putting on his sneakers.

    “The hardest part was making the commitment," he said.

    Sanders walks approximately 50 miles a week, and feels it has played a major role in his efforts to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

    “For me, walking has been ideal. It allows me to get out and see the city, as well as clear my mind so I can focus on priority issues, all while exercising," Sanders said.

    “It also keeps you out of the kitchen and out of the refrigerator,” he said.

    Sanders shared his success with the folks who gathered downtown Wednesday to kick off National Start! Walking Day.

    The American Heart Association campaign targets workers with sedentary occupations and challenges companies to promote physical fitness among their workers.

    Americans are working 164 more hours per year than 20 years ago.

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