Colleges Teach a Lesson in Green

San Diego college campuses are building for the future

If we want to teach kids to take care of the environment, why not teach by example?

That's what is happening on college campuses all over San Diego County.

The San Diego Community College District is building in new green technology at several of its campuses, including a brand new West City campus.  Around the city, some of the projects include solar panels on top of parking structures, water saving landscaping, and requiring contractors to recycle at least 75 percent of their debris.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law is in the beginning stages of building an entirely new campus, and doing it with the environment in mind.  Solar panels on the roof will feed back enough energy into the grid to power 20 homes.  A picture of what the new building will look like is shown here.

UCSD is aiming to become the nation's leading user of renewable energy among college campus's.  Within the next few years, the school is hoping to generate 10% to 15% of its energy from clean, renewable sources like solar and wind.

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