What to Do If You Lose Your Vaccine Card

Replacement cards are available where you were vaccinated or by contacting the state health department

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If you've gotten a coronavirus vaccine shot, you received one of those little white vaccination cards. It's important to hang on to that, because you may need it as more things open up. But what do you do if your card is lost or stolen?

The vaccine card has your name, date of birth, the type of vaccine you received and the date you got your shot. You'll need it for a second dose, and you'll also have to show it at indoor receptions, meetings or conferences here California.

Airline Industry leaders say you'll eventually you'll even need it to fly - though that's not a state or federal guideline at this point.

Vaccination verification cards can be a passport of sorts, and those who have one are encouraged to treat it like they would their real passport.

"I wouldn't want to carry it with me or anything unless I was flying or doing something like that." William Johnston said.

Johnston was at the Cal State San Marcos campus Monday for a second dose. He already learned a lesson about keeping track of his card: He went to the vaccination station without it. It was a surprisingly easy fix, he said.  

"They just looked at my identification and made sure I had an appointment in their system," Johnston said. "You may have to show them the e-mail."

Johnston was given a second card, this one verifying he had received both doses.

If you do lose your vaccine card, you can get a new one at the vaccination station where you received the dose or through the state health department, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Safeguarding the information on the card is just as important. The CDC recommends taking a photo of the cards as a backup and you may want to e-mail it to yourself as a backup, too. Also, you can make a paper copy and keep both in a safe place. Also: to avoid identity theft, don't that photo online.

"I did not think about that," Norma Hernandez said. "I honestly didn't really look at the little paper they gave us, but I will make sure not to post,"

Early on in the process those who were vaccinated were encouraged to laminate their cards. Now, though, the CDC is recommending you wait until after getting the second dose. Those administering the-two dose vaccines will still need to write on the card.

"I will get it laminated, and like I saidm I have a copy of it," Tami O’Neill said. "I'll put it in my safe at home, and when I get ready to go somewhere, I'll pull it out and take it with me."

Two weeks ago, Delta Airlines' CEO told NBC news that proof of vaccination will likely be required for international flights.

If you did not receive a COVID-19 vaccination card when you got the vaccine, contact the vaccination provider site where you got vaccinated or your state health department to find out how to can get a card.

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