Crowded Coast Has Some Worried About a Spike in COVID-19 Cases

"It was just a huge party, almost like a concert on a boat": Mission Bay crowded with Labor Day Weekend party-goers

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With so many San Diegans doing their part to slow the spread of COVID-19, the sight of large crowds defying the public health order has some worried there’s going to be a big spike in cases.

Brianna Wick, of Fashion Valley, captured video of a large party in Mission Bay. Wick said she had planned to relax, physically distanced, at the bay in hopes it would be less crowded than the beach.

“I was shocked,” Wick said. “Not a single mask and definitely no one staying in their own group. I was definitely nervous and got out of there pretty quickly after seeing how crazy it was.”

Wick said she saw San Diego police officers talk with people partying and noticed them write what she believes were two citations. It’s not clear what those citations or warnings were for. A lieutenant with SDPD said information on COVID-19 citation information was not able to be shared Monday. A San Diego city representative said park rangers have been working with police to enforce COVID-19 regulations.

“I definitely think that there will definitely be at least a little surge from that alone, because nobody cared at all,” Wick said.

County health experts have been warning about a potential spike in cases if people didn't adhere to public health order over the weekend. If enough people test positive after Labor Day weekend, there is a chance it could contribute to San Diego County descending back to the more socially restrictive Purple Tier, part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s reopening plan. If that’s the case, more businesses will have to close shop, again.

There were few crowds seen on Mission Beach on Monday, with a good number of people were wearing masks and trying to physical distance.

“We try to be extra careful and very respectful,” said a family visiting from Indio, Calif.

Meanwhile, Wick said she hopes more people take the virus more seriously.

“I know everyone has been cooped up for so long and they probably want to hang out with their friends, but we should do so safely for the health of our neighbors and friends and family,” Wick said.

A representative with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said deputies did not issue citations over the holiday weekend but that deputies are continuing educational enforcement. A county representative said its COVID-19 compliance team has been enforcing restrictions in several communities.

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