HeyCosmo Virtual Personal Assistant Makes Phone Calls to Schedule Your Life

When I dream of the day when I can afford a personal assistant, I imagine passing off all the tasks I hate spending time on, like making phone calls. While there are a handful of emerging personal assistant services like PageOnce leveraging the Web’s aggregation capabilities, HeyCosmo is hoping to get down to the nitty gritty when it comes to concierge services.

There are two main aspects to HeyCosmo’s service upon its launch at DEMOfall 08 today, including HeyCosmo MyConcierge and HeyCosmo Blaster, which combines social networking, location-based features and the telephone to help you get things done. An example of how HeyCosmo hopes to better your life would be finding a service and also scheduling an appointment for a time that works on both ends. It does so by making the phone call for you. That’s not to say that all the work is taken off your hands - you still have to tell the service what your requirements are so that its “robo-call technology” can convey the message appropriately and set up appointments on your behalf.

This process is extended to things like event-planning or forming a casual get-together with a group of friends. It’s also where its location-based features come into play, helping you find nearby services and places for you and your friends to meet up. HeyCosmo will also help select a time for group outings, enabling your friends to enter in numbers (i.e. 2 for 2:00) to indicate their availability. Similar to Sojurn, HeyCosmo can be used as a targeted advertising platform, though in a broader manner, yet still based on user and recipient activity and preferences.

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