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Runaway Prius Will Be Part of Recall: Report

Feds Probing Runaway Prius Incident



    Runaway Prius Will Be Part of Recall: Report

    A Toyota that wouldn't stop will be part of a new recall, according to a published report.

    Federal officials are sending two investigators to California to determine what caused James Sikes Toyota Prius to race out of control on a San Diego-area freeway on Monday afternoon.

    Toyota said Tuesday that the vehicle and "many others will be the subject of a future recall to prevent floor mats from pinning down the gas pedal," reported the Wall Street Journal.
    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will try to determine what caused the incident, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Transportation said Tuesday.

    Sikes sped along Interstate 8 for 20 minutes Monday before a Highway Patrol officer helped slow down the car.

    "I Won't Drive That Car Again, Period"

    [DGO] "I Won't Drive That Car Again, Period"
    James Sikes, the owner of a Toyota Prius talks about the car that seemed to be accelerating on its own along Interstate 8 Monday.
    (Published Tuesday, March 9, 2010)

    "I was on the brakes pretty healthy," Sikes said. "It wasn't stopping, it wasn't doing anything to it, just kept speeding up, just kept going, and I called 911 right away, and they were trying to tell me what to do, but I couldn't hold the phone and the steering wheel properly at the same time, so I just kept trying my methods, dropped the phone and it just kept going faster. I just stayed on the brakes as much as I could until finally they started smelling really bad and I had metal sounds coming in the car."
    The 2008 Prius was towed to a Toyota dealership in El Cajon -- presumably for inspection -- according to CHP Officer Brian Pennings.

    The incident took place the same day that Toyota held a demonstration to challenge claims that car electronics could cause the gas pedal to stick. Toyota has recalled millions of cars but claims the problems are simply mechanical.