The Elusive Beehive Geyser at Yellowstone National Park

Spend just an hour in Yellowstone National Park and you'll learn what makes this one of the most unique places on the planet.

GEYSERS & HOT SPRINGS: Ask any geyser gazer and he or she will tell you that the real reason for visiting Yellowstone National Park has less to do with the "bison jams" and more to do with the park's hydrothermal activity. Half of the world's geysers are located here and the sights and sounds of an eruption are breathtaking.

THE BEEHIVE: Sure, you've heard of Old Faithful and it's consistency but while you're at the Upper Geyser Basin, consider checking out Beehive Geyser. Located near the world-famous Old Faithful, this geyser only erupts once a day but as it does, it shoots water higher than its better-known cousin and for a longer duration. Also, visitors on the boardwalk near the Beehive will actually get wet. No benches here.

A SPRING OF MANY COLORS: Don't fill up your camera card until you've stopped at the Grand Prismatic Spring. One of the earliest discovered, it's also the park's largest. However, we'll guarantee the spring's colorful steam and its many hues will be what you remember most.

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