Wine Bar on 6th is a 1st

For San Diego wine enthusiasts who are pro-vine but anti-vain, Jake’s on 6th has been a long time coming, according to

Gone are the days when San Diego wine bars consist solely of conversational yet empty-talking guests, or swirling glass patrons with cigar-lips and pressed jeans. Jakes on 6th has switched up the vibe of typical wine bars in San Diego, and has done so at exactly the right time.

The setting is small, romantic and cozy, with soft candles and appropriate dim lighting. The space is open and quite dramatic, with stone structured walls, concrete floors, and dark woods and leathers that really cast the feeling of being in an underground wine cellar. The long bar is centrally located and surrounded by intimate tables and creamy suede sofas. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors open up to the street-side patio in front, welcoming the metropolitan breeze to carry in scents of jasmine and other patio flora.

The menu at Jake’s is simple, but anything but ordinary. Highlights include Wine Bites: an assortment of cheese and fruit platters with Mediterranean-inspired flair, and the popular Basil Pesto Bruschetta: fresh basil and parmesan cheese, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil spread over slices of fresh toasted bread that pairs beautifully with varietals from Jake’s extensive wine list.

And now for the wine. GM Rich Totah hand selects each varietal that makes it on Jake’s wine list, and once again, the price point for these glasses and bottles is incredible.

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