Who's Running California's Companies?

Nearly half of the state's 400 largest companies have no women in position of leadership

Who’s running California companies? When it comes to women in the corner office, many of the largest companies in the state have hung out a "Men Only" sign according to a new study released Monday by the University of California, Davis.

Nearly half of the state’s 400 largest public companies have no women in a top executive position or on the board of directors.

Nicole Woolsey Biggart, dean of the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, will present the survey’s findings Monday.

"It's a disappointment, clearly. I think it's a missed opportunity to include a more diverse pool at the top of California's corporations," Biggart said in a published article. "But, we're not going away. Once a year, we'll continue to shine a spotlight on what the top of corporations look like."

In San Diego County, AMN Healthcare leads the list. More than 36% of its officers and directors are women.

Local companies listed by the UCSD study as not having any women heading up the company include Callaway Golf Co., Rubio’s Restaurants, Leap Wireless International, ViaSat and Cubic Corp.

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