Top 10 San Diego Dog-Friendly Offices

Local contest celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day

Is there a doggie in your cubicle? On June 26, you might think about taking your pup with you to celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day, also known as TYDTWD. Really.

TYDTWD began in 1999 as a way to encourage pet adoptions and emphasize what great companions canines are to humans. To take it a step further, a local holistic pet food company The Honest Kitchen is hosting a "Paw-some" contest to find the Top 10 dog-friendly companies in San Diego.

"Take Your Dog to Work Day is a fun and unique way for pet parents to bond with their furry best friends while supporting a good cause -- in this case, animal adoption," said Lucy Postins, founder of The Honest Kitchen.

To enter the Top 10 contest, write 500 words or less why you think your company is top dog when it comes to four-legged office mates. The winning company's pooches will receive a special lunchtime delivery of The Honest Kitchen food and treats on June 26. The contest ends June 24.

The Honest Kitchen is an all-natural pet product company where "four-legged office mates area a crucial part of the corporate team," said company spokeswoman Natalie Terashima.

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