Wait Until Next Year?

After their most embarrassing loss in what has become a horrendous season, the Chargers are wondering what the future might hold.

Despite being given a vote of confidence, Head Coach Norv Turner was asked if he was concerned about his job security?

"I can't get involved in that," Turner said, "I just want to prepare them for Oakland."

“I watched the tape,” the embattled head coach said Monday afternoon. “There are a lot of areas we need to play better, but there is no lack of effort.”

There's a distinct feeling that Turner could lose this team mentally the last month of the season.

"It's tough to deal with losing," Quarterback Philip Rivers said. "Most of us have never been 4-8, we're trying to deal with it."

Rivers added that not believing in this coaching staff isn't an issue. Four more losses, and it might be.

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