Tiny Waist, Big Influence

From Louboutin to Fiat, Barbie's shown up in some interesting places.

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Barbie has teamed up with a number of high-name fashion labels including Juicy Couture and Vera Wang, but none stirred more controversy than the Christian Louboutin doll. His version of the doll not only featured a full faux leather bodysuit and replicas of his signature heels, but the doll's ankles were made skinnier following comments from Louboutin that the original Barbie had "cankles." Regardless, the doll sold out on TopShop after its debut, but you can still pick it up on Amazon for $210.
Veik11 on Flickr
Though not (yet) for sale, the extensive collection of replica Lady Gaga ensembles created by Veik11 on Flickr show just how versatile and inspiring Barbie can be.
In celebration of Barbie's 50th anniversary last year, Fiat rolled out the pink carpet and presented its Barbie Edition Fiat 500. Complete with pink paint, matching upholstery and rhinestone accents, it made the girliest of girls (and women) shriek with delight. Though you couldn't buy one off the lot, you can purchase a similar and more affordable convertible from Mattel for $29.
One of Barbie's trademarks is her shock of lustrous locks, and T3 claims that its Barbie Edition T3 Featherweight blow dryer can help give you all that body and shine. Using proprietary "Flawless" tourmaline technology, these blow dryers have embedded gemstones that are said to actually improve your hair with each use. Find the Barbie version for $200 at Bloomingdale's.
Makeup naturally falls into the realm of the Barbie girl, and Stila appears to be her cosmetic counter of choice. The Barbie Loves Stila collection features eye makeup and glosses in rich hues and, of course, pinks. One talking palette even takes you through the process of creating the classic Barbie eye. Pick one up online for $40 from Stila Cosmetics.
Barbie's vintage profile is making its way onto a variety of fashionable accessories, including this Tarina Tarantino Classic Cameo Ring. Pick one up one sale for $47 at Torrid.
Rocknrollbaby on Etsy
Though there's no imaginable way for any man, woman or child to fit into Barbie's wardrobe, Rocknrollbaby on Etsy found a way to make her wardrobe fit us. Her fun collection of Barbie shoe earrings features signature pumps, boots and sandals with the occasional addition of feathers or tiny gem accents. Buy a pair for $5-$7 each in Rocknrollbaby's Etsy shop.
Miss Me
If wearing Barbie's tiny shoes on your ears just feels like a tease, get the full Barbie effect with these hot pink patent Valiente pumps from Miss Me. Find them for $40 on Endless.com.
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