Sounds of the Season

You can take the sounds of the races with you - everywhere you go.

You know it's summer when you hear the familiar tune on the radio and coming from the television. Bing's voice croons - "Where the Surf Meets the Turf... at Del Marrrrrrrrr." After two months of it, you may wish those commercials would just go away. But then, after the season ends you miss them in a strange, missing-that-toothache kind of way.

Well, in just seconds you can now download the ringtone and carry the song with you and annoy your friends or co-workers. The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club has two ringtone options on their website - the trumpet fanfare (our favorite) and the iconic theme song.

If you decide to go with the trumpets, remember to vibrate your phone. Doubt your boss or the priest will be too happy to be interrupted by this. will be covering the Opening Day at the races on July 22 so check back for more updates before then.

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