San Diego To Get Sticky and Sweet

Madonna isn’t one to shy away from competition for the spotlight. While millions are watching the results of  the “greatest election in U.S. History”, Madonna will be prepping backstage to perform her tour stop in San Diego.

If all goes as scheduled, the 50-year old singer could very well hit the stage at Petco Park just as the presidential race is decided. But for those in the crowd of the “Sticky & Sweet” concert, the buzz in the crowd will be “Obama who?”

If Madonna follows the other tour dates of the concerts, ticket holders will enjoy a two hour set.  If you take a look at the set list, the show  contains more new songs than ever before.

A check of Craigslist shows tickets are going for sale from $1 or OBO to as high as $800 for a seat along the catwalk.

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