Pursuit Suspect Driving El Camino Escapes After Car Fire

Man escaped down drainage pipe, police say

A man who led police on a high speed chase early Wednesday morning remains on the loose.

The pursuit started near MCAS Miramar at 2:30 a.m.  Police say a man driving a white El Camino ran a red light  on Miramar Road and Distribution Avenue.  When they tried to pull him over, the driver kept going and led them on a high speed pursuit, police said.

Officers chased him up and down Interstate 5 and the 56 freeway for a few minutes.  Then police put down a spike strip at La Jolla Village Drive and I-5 southbound.  The cars' tires blew out and the rims started sparking.

The car continued for about two miles south on Interstate 5, until the car caught fire and stopped just north of Garnet Avenue.  The suspect took off on foot.  Police called out their search helicopter and had K9's on standby.

Police finally tracked him down to a 30-inch drainage pipe.  The fire department was called to assist after police thought the suspect may have gotten stuck in the pipe.  Officers also considered using a small camera to look down the pipe since it branches out in multiple directions. 

Police later decided to call the search off saying the suspect could be anywhere.  Police later found out the car he had been driving was stolen. 

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