Park Hyatt Aviara Resort: Aviara Wellness Academy

Ever surfed with a chef before? That's on the get-out-and-enjoy menu at the Carlsbad property.

WHAT ARE YOUR GO-TO SKILLS? Like, the talents you consistently work at, year in, year out, the sort of show-off abilities you might pull out at a party or barbecue or work conference, if the conference is getting a little stale? Would you juggle? Whistle? Or do something else that might astound onlookers but, moreover, impress yourself? We all have certain areas we rock, to varying degrees, but the ability to pick up a fresh skill, or burnish a long-standing one, doesn't come along all that often, and almost never while you're on a getaway. You might be lounging in your hotel room, or alongside a pool, but you're probably not out there trying something cool that's completely new to you, or something you haven't attempted in awhile. The Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club & Spa wants to change that, for guests, via a host of outdoors, memory-making activities that fall under the umbrella of the...

AVIARA WELLNESS ACADEMY: No, there's no separate campus from the beautiful, 200-acre property, but there are classes of sorts, the sort of classes that take you out onto the waves and greens and tennis court. Sign up for one of the "dynamic, multi-day retreats," retreats that put the emphasis both on health and wellness as well as "...some of Southern California's most iconic experiences," and find yourself surfing with Executive Chef Pierre Albaladejo, or golfing on the course that's the home of the LPGA Kia Classic. You can join a top-notch coach on the tennis court, to improve your backhand, or find your way to VeraVia, "the resort's signature wellness facility," to jump into a guided meditation or invigorating hike. The Aviara Wellness Academy activities are add-ons for guests, so be sure to book your spot at Tennis Camp or Next Wave of Surfing with the Chef before you arrive at the Carlsbad destination. A destination, do note, that sits near the ocean, adding a bracing, briny, beautiful layer to all of that glorious get-outside-ness.

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