Nice Move, Rookie

Note to self: When you’re a rookie cop and you’re off duty, keep your heat packed.

An off-duty San Diego police officer is in trouble with the boss. The 23-year old officer is accused of being drunk in public, and waving her police-issued gun inside Hennessey's Tavern in Carlsbad.

“I just had a young lady pull a gun out of her purse," the manager of Hennessey’s told a 911 dispatcher Friday night. "She pulled it out of her purse and held it up in the air."

Christine Thurston was “extremely drunk” according to witnesses when she started rummaging through her purse and pulled out the gun.

A customer at the bar pulled the gun out of Thurston’s hands, according to police.

"It appeared that she was so intoxicated that she did no really understand what was going on or what she was doing," said Capt. Neil Gallucci with Carlsbad police.

The officer was taken outside and after Carlsbad police arrived they took her to Carlsbad police headquarters and released her to a family member.

Off-duty police officers are allowed to carry guns, but are warned to take extra precaution. “We really discourage officers from carrying firearms when they are going to places like bars,” said Capt. Gallucci. “Alcohol and guns are not a good mix.”

Thurston has been working in the San Diego police department less than a year, according to Capt. Gallucci.

The officer has been placed on administrative leave and faces a misdemeanor charge of being drunk in public. She's not being charged with brandishing a weapon, because, according to Carlsbad police, she didn't actually threaten anyone.

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