Moon Shines Twice for Fans Before “New Moon” Debuts

San Diego’s “New Moon” fans are proving just how hardcore they are.

“Officially we’ve been in line since 4.30 this morning, but we’ve been lingering the parking lot since probably 10.30 Wednesday night,” said Angela Quan.

The student was very prepared.

“We brought a canopy, which took us forever to put up. We brought tons of food and tons of blankets and tons of homework to do because we’re still in school,” she said.

Loni Aalchick needed much less.

“Donuts. Coffee. That’s everything we need,” he said.

The group was camped out Thursday afternoon at the Edwards movie theater in Mira Mesa.

Some slept in their cars overnight, others were on the lookout for people getting in line. Then at 4.30 a.m. they made a mad dash.
“We are officially first in line,” Quan said proudly. “When we got in line we decided it was, like, 20 hours [until movie time].”

She was hanging out with her best friends and was no stranger to camping out to get what she wants.

“We did Twilight a couple of years ago,” Quan said. “It’s just kind of a tradition that we’re doing it.”

There was one other reason. It was kind of a big one.

“We just love Edward Cullen. That’s pretty much it,” she said laughing.

Aalchick, on the hand, was not seasoned at this.

“This is the first time I’ve ever camped out for a movie. But, it’s fun,” he said.

He too camped out in his car, but missed the top slot because he was napping.

Still, he’s not worried.

“It’s going to be amazing,” he said.

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