For The Dogs

Primp, pamper and spoil your pet.

ON BOARD: Bathtubs weren't really made for dogs, and neither was bathroom plumbing. Don't let this keep you from giving Fido a good scrub or two. Noah's Natural Pet Market in Pacific Beach has waist-high, self-serve doggie (or kitty) bathtubs specifically designed to make life easier and cleaner for you and your pet. Each wash only costs $14, and includes towels, aprons, shampoo, scrubbies and use of their grooming table. Plus, they carry healthy pet treats and speciality services, and there are cute, clean dogs everywhere. Go fetch!

MAKE SOME NOISE: Something about good food and exercise just makes your body sing. Maybe that's how Howlistic in Mission Hills got their name. They've stocked their shelves with bags of natural pet foods and supplements, and their toys and accessories have lots of eco-friendly options. This summer, they just started offering free delivery to Mission Hills and Hillcrest residents for orders of $50 or more. Ordering-in can make you feel pretty good, too.

DO YOUR BUSINESS: Pets are loyal, loving and--let's face it--one more mouth to feed. If you have errands to run but can't subject your pet to big-box brands, consider making Paw Country in La Mesa a regular stop. They are nestled into a large shopping mall next to a veterinarian's office, hair salon, dry cleaner's and a Von's (among many others), but they carry boutique-style pet food, vitamins and other goods for dogs, cats and birds.  Enjoy the convenience, the quality and the rest of your day with Fluffy.

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