Put On Your Boogie Shoes

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It's time to put on your best '80s face -- and afro wig -- at the Waterfront.

It's just crazy. A flashback of  rare '80s and B-side choons with DJ's BillyO and Mateo takes hold of what some call  the coolest dive bar downtown, The Waterfront . The '80s night starts at  9 p.m., April 30, according to Yelp.com.

"I'm so there! Oh wait, I have to be there. I feel some extraordinary flashback beats in my soul, " says DJ BillyO.

Can you dig it? "This isn't the kind of bar where you can sit down, talk and enjoy an adult drink. It's the kind of bar where you can move about and socialize with strangers and get stories with an adult drink in hand. Funny stories, dirty stories, sloppy talk type stories. Very entertaining", says Cassia R for Yelp. com.

"Pitcher of Guinness was $14, not shabby. And you can stuff yourself silly with free popcorn. The top notcher about that situation, they sprinkle Tabasco sauce on the popcorn. Ooooo weeeeee baby!!!! Hot sauced popcorn and Guinness go really well together. Who knew! " Cassia adds.


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