Feast Your Eyes On a Super Duper Size!

Ask yourself these questions. Do you love to “Super Size It?” Are you ready to go big or go home? Feast your eyes, hamburger aficionados, on “The Weigh-In”.

Are you ready?

Pechanga’s Resort & Casino’s sports bar Kelsey’s is serving up a serious challenge. Lovingly and aptly-named mammoth burger “The Weigh-In” is a five-pound tower of Angus beef power. For $24.95, hungry guys (or gals, who knows?) can attempt to ingest the two-pound burger that’s topped with six slices of melted cheese, two whole sliced tomatoes, and a half head of lettuce, squished all between two 10-inch buns.

If that’s not enough, you can always douse your burger in Thousand Island dressing, dill pickles, and sweet onions. Try and wrap your head (or jaw) around that little nugget!

Only one fella’ has—and he couldn’t even look at his French fries.

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