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Holiday fashion is a season unto itself. The somber Fall colors are still in vogue, but now you can add much more colorful splashes and let your outfits be more fun and less dour.

And of course, you have holiday parties to attend, and you need to look your holiday best.

So below, the top ten trends for this holiday season. Of course, you can get each of these looks at Fashion Valley. 

Festive Colors and Pattern Options
Festive hues of red, white, green, and black are always appropriate. This year, we've seen a lot of pattern combinations as well -- velvet and lace, sombre colors, and baby dolls. 

Leather and Fur
Leather is back in the form of skirts, jackets, pants, and even accessories. Fur vests are in as well. 

Classic Black and White
Not much movement in formal attire trends, except to say that playful combinations are vogue-ish. Plaids and polka dots are very in.

Red Tights
The three must-haves are brown, black, and grey opaque. Red tights are a playful option for holiday parties.

Big, Big Brooches
Oversized brooches and rings are a great complement to sheer tights and slim looks.

Bold Belts
A dramatically-colored belt is the perfect transition piece during the holidays.

Overstated Necklaces
The perfect update to your little black dress. Piece in bold gold make for a strong fashion investment.

Bags with Chain Handles
Funky hardware adds zest, especially at a semi-formal holiday party.

Dramatic Cosmetics
Smokey eyes using blues and metallic shades with long eyelashes and smudged eyeliner are very in this season. Lip color is natural with plenty of glitter or hot shades of red ranging from ruby to burgundy.

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