Brady Quinn and Shaun Smith May or May Not Have Got in a Fight

Shane Bacon

by Shane Bacon

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There are just a few rules to "Browns Fight Club."

1.) You do not talk about "Browns Fight Club."
2.) You do not talk about "Browns Fight Club."

After rumors leaved to the always great Pro Football Talk yesterday about a Brady Quinn and Shaun Smith altercation inside Cleveland camp, head coach Romeo Crennel came out today and played by the rules.

"If it happened, we're keeping it in house," Crennel said.

Talk about a clubhouse gone to hell in a hand basket. Cleveland is now a putrid 4-11 after getting shut out by the Bengals on Sunday and have rumors of Skip Bayless' boy toy getting roughed up by a 325 pound defensive end.

What were these two even talking about? An injured quarterback having words with an inactive defensive player that was called out as quitting on the team a month ago? Strange.

The Channel 3 report said that Smith and Quinn also had a verbal confrontation.

Crennel made it clear that "in a family you always have some disagreements.''

I'm not a psychologist by any stretch of the imagination, but calling the Browns a "family" at this point would be like calling Charles Manson a good babysitter. Not exactly the term you might be searching for.

The Browns face the Steelers next week in the last game of the regular season, so I sure hope this fight news doesn't affect their chemistry and keep them out of the playoffs.

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