Abby Manning Doesn't Find Pranks as Funny as Eli Does

Will Brinson

by Will Brinson

It's usually generally presumed -- I think -- that you don't mess with someone's family when playing a prank on said person. This, of course, doesn't necessarily count when a) Pauley Shore is involved or b) the family is involved. But if, in the case of Eli Manning (and, naturally, Abby Manning) recently, you decide to bring a spouse in, you should at least give them the heads up.

Or not, as the New York Giants decided to do recently.

"It was family day at the facility, where guys have their wives and kids come out to visit, and we got ahold of Eli's phone and sent a couple of texts," Giants guard Rich Seubert explained. "We said, 'Please come. It would really mean a lot to me.' So she showed up, which was a total surprise to Eli. She had some stuff to do and didn't really want to be there, so needless to say she wasn't thrilled."

Well, naturally. She's worked hard her entire life to make sure that her husband never had to actually do any work and could essentially just kick it around ... oh, right.

Still, even though Eli has made sure that his wife doesn't have to do anything other than say "Stirred" or "Shaken" for the rest of her life doesn't give the G-men an excuse to drag her out to a fake practice.

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