Crime-fighters' Push for Gang Injunction Worries Fallbrook's Latinos

The leader of a crime prevention group in Fallbrook began calling for a gang injunction earlier this year, citing fears of potential gang violence in the community.

The injunctions are controversial because of the civil-rights restrictions they place on documented gang members.

Longtime Fallbrook resident, Richardo Favela, told the North County Times he worries that the real target, even if unintended, would be Latinos.

Favela, 31 and a graduate student at San Diego State University, said there is a real fear among Latinos in Fallbrook that they will be perceived ---- and perhaps even documented by deputies ---- as gang members solely because of their appearance or style of dress.

Authorities with the San Diego Sheriff's Department said they have not yet decided to pursue a gang injunction.

Still, the tensions highlight a split in the community. Read more about this at the North County Times website.

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