Comic Car to Cruise Our Streets

If you see a Honda with a big Spiderman at an intersection in San Diego, give the driver a wave. Chances are John Judd will be behind the wheel.

Known to friends and family as Peter, Judd won the 2009 Legend Honda Element featuring Marvel Comics characters as part of a fundraiser for the San Diego Blood Bank.

“I couldn’t believe it myself when I got that phone call,” he said. “It was unbelievable. I guess you can win contests.”

Judd’s blood type, O negative, is shared by only 6 percent of the population so he has always made it a point to donate – even when he served in the U.S. Navy.

Diagnosed with cancer in December 2008, he recently developed an infection that forced an end to his blood donor days. Judd decided to donate money to the San Diego Blood Bank instead and bought five $5 raffle tickets.

One was the winning ticket. When he got the phone call that he had won, he was shocked.

Even though he’s read comics before and is familiar with the characters, he admits he’s not a huge fan. Superman, his favorite, isn’t on the car but Judd doesn’t care. Spiderman is a close second.

The car is so special, Judd makes sure to scout parking lots for the best spots. “I don’t dare let anybody touch it,” he said.

As for his future plans with the car, Judd says he’s been driving around with his favorite neighbor Lucille Jackson and keeping his garage open so other neighbors can see the car and the characters from the street.

The raffle helped raise money for the purchase and upkeep of a new bloodmobile for the San Diego Blood Bank. Find out more about how you can donate to the blood bank on their website.

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