Clever Clothing Company Sparks Athletes’ Interest

Stars help their favorite charities with "Celebritees"


Athletes and celebrities are giving back to their communities through the new, creative company, Celebritees. Just like it sounds, Celebritees works with celebrities to create innovative t-shirts. The company aims to use its t-shirts to send motivational messages to the public, while also raising money for charities.

When designing a new shirt, each athlete or celebrity is asked to choose one word that drives them. That word, combined with the star’s personality, is then used to create the final product design. The proceeds from the shirts go toward each celebrity’s personally selected charity.

The company just launched in September and is already in high demand by athletes and celebrities that want to get involved.

“We actually have more athletes wanting to do it than we’re taking on board right now. They want to get involved,” said Steve Horowitz, CEO of Celebritees. Horowitz stopped by Streetside San Diego to show off some of the company's designs.

San Diego Chargers Luis Castillo, Vince Jackson, and Shaun Phillips are already involved in the project. Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys and Olympic gold medalist Monique Henderson are just a couple other well-known names now working with the company.

To see a full list of participating athletes, or to purchase your own celebri-tee, check out

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