Who's Game for Some Truffles?

The 14th Annual Festival of Game and Truffles is going on right now at Acqua by the Cove.

The unique menu at the La Jolla landmark, formerly known as Trattoria Acqua, features pheasants, ostrich, venison, wild boar, buffalo, duck, rabbit, venison, squab and more. The menu will change daily during the festival, which runs through Thanksgiving and also features white and black truffles from Europe.

The restaurant has transformed its menu with a new credo of “back to basics." The owners have also slimmed down their prices so that 80-90 percent of the menu is now under $20. But don’t be fooled by the prices -- the owner says they haven’t skimped on their portions and that he can’t finish a plate by himself.

During Restaurant Week (from Jan. 17-22), San Diegans are invited to enjoy three-course menus from more than 180 of San Diego’s best restaurants for as little as $20, $30 or $40 per person. Acqua by the Cove will provide one of the largest selections, with five or six appetizer choices, six or eight entrees, and plenty of desserts to choose from.

Some of those entrees will include:

  • Half-roastedTuscan-style free-range chicken with rosemary, garlic and sage, with fire-roasted vegetables, potatoes and carrots and, of course, organic vegetables -- wonderful comfort food and a new favorite
  • Rabbit nestled in a bed of caranoli risotto with Asian pears and a honey-mustard glaze
  • Free-range pheasant breast with barley risotto,organic vegetables and a pomegranate glaze
  • Lamb shank with Moroccan spices, Israeli couscous and organic vegetables

Need more reasons to make sure Acqua by the Cove is on your list of hot spots for Restaurant Week?

"We offer the best quality, we have the best ingredients, the best crew and the best view," executive chef Damaso Lee said.

Reservations are recommended for Restaurant Week (858-454-0709).

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